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My Unity Parkour Game is now in open alpha!

2013-10-25 02:54:41 by DancingEngie

Hey, you, do you want to try out a Mirror’s Edge inspired infinite runner cel-shaded procedurally generated and overall quite glitchy game? If you’ve answered “No”, well too bad, I’m telling you anyways.

You can now download and play-test the game for FREE as I’m putting it in open alpha! Basically it means anyone can try it out, and give me feedback.



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2013-10-25 03:58:50

You've got the running and jumping down right, now I'd like to see skill jumps and larger buildings.

DancingEngie responds:

Next version, mate.


2013-10-25 04:28:02

wow...im surprised Unity can handle those graphics on my sucky low end computer....it's fun but a couple suggestions, i would really listen to these.

1. Strafe controls need some serious speed increase, when i try to strafe left in right it's barely moving, just slowly. Needs to be faster.

2. The mouse as the main control is a decent idea but the sensitivity is way too high, i would suggest installing an option being able to adjust that.

3. I hope you're going to credit the music in the final version.

4. It'll be fun once the bugs are out, but i feel it needs another thing, not sure what. Maybe some construction site girders and a grapple hook? Swinging and running could be fun, of course it's already been done but never gets old for me.

Overall this looks like it'll be fun when it's done.

DancingEngie responds:

1. Yes, becuase you're supposed to use the mouse.

2. I am aware. I'll have a sensitivity bar next version.

3. Of course. Adhesive Wombat are awesome.

4. I'm planning on putting enemies and punching them Mirror's Edge style. Not with the stupid takedowns though.


2013-10-25 04:47:29

that all sounds good, good luck, cant wait for the full game

DancingEngie responds:



2013-10-25 16:51:12

Looks awesome, gonna test it!


2013-10-26 05:50:26

I can't play it! :(

DancingEngie responds:

Send me a PM and I'll try to help.