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Of Psychology and my productivity

2013-03-13 15:38:15 by DancingEngie

As a programmer, I start projects. I end them. Early. Very very early. And sometimes when I have some progress.

It seems I tend to have a great idea while in bed or in school, making it, and then working it for a little while (3-7 days) and then forgetting about it or lose motivation. I've watched videos, and we're talking YouTube to TED here (If you don't watch TED presentations, you SHOULD), but I always say "Screw it." and go on.

This always happens as a group.

I am interested in the psychology of people and why people do stuff (especially buying) and found out some very interesting things, like group contentious and good sign placing (make it big, make it where people will see it regularly with nothing to disturb them), and one of the things I found is the bigger the group is, the bigger the chance is it to fall. This is why about 1/3 of the collabs in NG basically collapse.

Don't get me started on working with artists in here.

Most of the people I've worked with have disappeared, not going after what they promised and basically not taking it seriously 90% of the time. Coming back to physiology, people get much darker and play less like their selves when are behind a mask or a disguise, like a Halloween custom or the INTERNET. For example, when in masks, around 40% more students encouraged a guy to suicide than just being plain themselves.

Indeed extreme and word-heavy, but I just wanted to give you some knowledge and why I am getting less encouraged as to being a programmer. If you'd like more psychology in them posts, tell me. It is interesting (But my job won't be psychology, it'll still be computers...)


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2013-03-14 05:59:07

I'm going to tell it to you straight, and then I'm going to suggest some more reading to you.

What you are experiencing is one of the many trials by fire that every creative person on Earth has experienced. How do you motivate yourself to finish what you started, and how do you motivate others? Why won't others motivate themselves?

In this world, there are leaders and followers. There are people who take initiative and people who attach themselves to the underbelly of those who made the leap. Because you are writing this post, it means you are a person who takes initiative. As you said, "I start projects."

You are correct. The larger a group is, the more likely the endeavor is to fail. This is because the larger the group, the greater the probability that there are multiple leaders pulling in many directions. This causes chaos, as opposed to the desired unity and organization required to complete something. In addition, the internet as a mask is a great comparison. It allows people to make promises as a projection of themselves, which means they can choose to back out without lasting personal guilt.

At the end of the day, if you would like to complete things *you* must complete things. A leader must take the initiative, but must also have the integrity to follow through (among other things). If you continue to take positive steps forward and accomplish what you want to accomplish, *the right people* will follow you. The wrong people will be left behind. This is how it should be.

So do not become discouraged because other people are unreliable. Stop relying on them and become someone others can rely on to get things done.


Toward these points, I suggest you read both The Benedictine Rule of Leadership by Craig S. Galbraith and The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill. The topics these men wrote about will help you equip yourself with the ability to lead any group of people to do anything, as long as you understand that you are a capable person.

Good luck with everything you do!

DancingEngie responds:

I must agree with your points, and I am indeed trying to be as positive and productive as possible but the search for an artist and a team is slowly drifting me to the abyss, so I *have* to rely on -someone-. It is very hard to make a game without fancy graphics today, as we moved from Graphics<Gameplay in the 90's with the early DOS to Graphics>Gameplay in these days.

But it's not my leadership that takes the guilt, I find the "mask of the internet" be more guilty. I'm not trying to get myself out of suspicion but it kinda is.

Thanks for everything, I'll try and read the books :D