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So I made an FPS engine

2012-12-28 09:51:56 by DancingEngie

After being bored and inspired by all of these sniping games around Newgrounds, casting black figures in a bland (may I say) black and white world with a generic scope in hand, here's my First Person Shooter engine thing. It does have ammo so reloading isn't really nesserary (yet) and I'm working on SMG-type guns. Tell me your thoughts and if you wanna collaborate, talk to me.


Now featuring SMG! 0.15 fire rate interval but with spread. Fixed the iron sight bug.


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2012-12-28 13:45:15

Now if I was only able to move...

DancingEngie responds:

Never got to touch moving.


2012-12-28 14:44:26

Works real well.

DancingEngie responds:

Thanks mate!


2012-12-28 17:35:58

Nice work. When I hold space for iron sights, my mouse fails to recenter though. (Using Firefox if that helps any)

(Updated ) DancingEngie responds:

Yeah known problem. Damn xscale and yscale commands (I use Chrome but it doesn't matter)


2012-12-28 19:24:46

Itd be cool to make a skeet shooting type of game with it. That way you dont need to deal with walking and stuff... kinda like hogans alley. Might be up for it.

(Updated ) DancingEngie responds:

Yeah, I've yet to touch walking. Thanks for the idea. (Wanna draw it? :D)


2012-12-29 13:10:15

actually......... it was pretty bad, it was a 3D engine with 2D objects (like doom, but in flash) and the iron sight is just a zoom, also, when the mouse moves too much it can leave the screen and the game will ignore where the mouse go

DancingEngie responds:

Yeah it's still a prototype, you might say. The iron sight is a bit buggy and I -would- happily put in an actual iron sight sprite if I had one.


2012-12-29 15:52:11

This is cool, There a few bug like mentioned below, cursor leave screen and such But for a prototype its very nice.

DancingEngie responds:

Thanks. I hate the zoom because it takes trial and error to get it right.